Relationship Success with Sara Plummer Barnard

          A Relationship Strategist whose skills range from ‘getting the girl,’ to couple’s communication, to divorce consultant.

An understanding of culture and biology gets us into the relationship, communication and variable knowledge keeps us in the relationship, and being aware of human patterns stops us from losing everything if we exit.

I use education & experience to bring additional wellness and branding tools into this powerful process.

 Benefit from my experience with nutrition, fitness, mental health research, social media branding, style, and public speaking to aid your pursuit of relationship success and confident existence.

After a UCLA Communications degree, I worked in the Hollywood beauty and advertising game for a decade while studying evolutionary biology, personality types, and human behavior. I then pursued fitness and integrative nutrition certifications for mental and physical health. My special secret sauce is insight gained from early trauma and species analysis.

I offer access through coaching calls as well as hand pick 3 VIP clients aligned with my unique skill set.

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Confidence, Understanding women, early trauma healing, Communication help (texts, dating sites), Wing woman, therapist, crazy lover assessor
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