PREMIER has low Doctor fees and accepts good credit patients.  Premier offer longer 0% promotional periods.

  • Practices offer Premier for their best credit score patients looking for longer 0% financing.
  • Premier is often paired with the TIERED revolving credit program for less expensive procedures, those requiring future expenses, or lower credit patients. These two together cover all bases.

TRADITIONAL  has the lowest Dr fees and allows for patient credit score to help their interest rate (as low as 9.99%). It has a higher available loan amount of $25,000 and approves a wider range of credit scores. It offers a 12 month 0% promotional option.

  • Traditional serves the broadest credit score patient base if a practice is only looking to carry one program. It's no extra work for a practice to offer several.
  • Medical Laser practices have slightly favorable rates in the Traditional program at 2.5%, 5.25%, 9%

TIERED is the program most like a credit card. Future expenses can be added by the patient and a lower credit score is approved for treatment. The fees for Drs start at 4.5% and go up to 15% as the patients credit score goes down. Longer 0% interest promotions for patients add to the Dr fees The patient interest rate depends on their credit score. This is the program most similar to CareCredit and is a good backup to round out stronger programs like PREMIER and TRADITIONAL offered above.


MedSpas and Medical Laser enjoy low fees, 20% higher chance of patients being approved, excellent customer service, and phenomenal practice representation. Enhance has not had any predatory lending accusations or lawsuit sanctions and enjoys a wonderful, long reputation. We look forward to helping you expand your practice.