1 day personalized reboot retreat


1 day personalized reboot retreat


3 workouts  * 2 Meditation  * Relaxing Reset  * Nature Grounding  * Massage

Relationships  * 1 night WIng Woman  * Beauty * Branding  *  Social Media 


Wellness & Relationship Coach Sara Plummer Barnard offers 21 hours of her service to whip your body, mind, and relationship into shape. Spin class, the best hiking views, beach yoga, or urban favorites are available to get your body feeling and looking strong as we delve into the best strategy to get what you want.


Ever wondered what the opposite sex really wants? What they mean? What they're motivated by or what they're going to do next? Want to know how to date the most desirable women? How to keep your partner happy? How to effectively communicate?


We start our Sunday funday sweaty, hiking to the best views Mt. Tamalpais has to offer. Soaking up the Vitamin D, we'll address every relationship question you've ever had about the opposite sex - you just have to promise not to exploit your new found power- I've created a few monsters and now pre-vet my clients to minimize damage to my gender.


At the top of the world we'll snack and stretch. An optional guided meditation will get you tapped into your highest, best, most confident, and relaxed self. I'll show you tools to plug into this space at will.


A healthy lunch follows as we assess your nutrition gaps, fitness goals, and supplement strategy along with a 30 day plan that includes 4 weekly 30 min accountability follow up calls. This is a $950 package combining my most sought after services.


I'm also a kick ass wing woman should you want to practice your new skills come evening.  Need a nervous system reset or tap back into your power?

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