This relationship counselor got hitched- and all the experiences that make me good at my job, make it hard to say I DO!

8 months of planning and a crash course in Hawaii's slow business pace and I finally had the 3 day, multi event, wedding weekend I was proud of. I found myself in paradise with 106 of my favorite people partying like it's 1999.   Beyond my expectations.

Gorgeous, smart bridesmaids in jewel tones, perfect North Shore Hawaii weather 6 days before a hurricane hit, the huge vintage diamond you're marketed since birth, a friggin Hayley Paige 2015 dress that wasn't even out yet, and the kind of supportive, athletic, big, close family you can only hope to marry into.

So why had the 8 months leading up been a mental struggle? Why didn't I think I deserved this and had had a tough time staying  present & grateful? Why couldn't this be my story?