Lisa Eddy Skincare just electrically shook my fat cells.

Spot treating areas of the body is damn near impossible.

VIDEO: Electric energy to shake up fat cells? Benefits reported are detox, fat cell release, tighter skin, and firmer muscles.

A few of my friends have tried out Cool Sculpt, the technology that freezes fat cells to death.

So far, reports have been good, all reporting it takes a few months to see results as the body has to process and pee out the cells. An occasional friend will report putting fat back on in other, less desirable places I assume because because there’s less fat cells in the original regions.

When Lisa Eddy SkinCare on Union street contacted GetHSH with an all natural way to get similar results, I was intrigued. I wasn’t full blown excited until I met Lisa, the founder, who was so similarly geeky about wellness.

Lisa lights up with all things all natural.


Lisa Eddy is a reiki master, ex masseuse, a facialist, and partners with functional medicine doctors for her product offerings. Her vibe screams modern day shamanic goddess. She’s a total tribe member and I’m low key obsessed with her.

BodySculpt PROCESS

3 sessions over the course of a week and a half with the rules of: drink lots of water, no booze, less coffee, and easy to digest foods preferable (green smoothies).

20 minute sessions hooked up to an electric stimulation machine contracting opposing muscles.

Surprising at first and a bit vulnerable but quickly easy to acclimate to. At the 10 & 20 minute mark, it intensifies but by then you’re used to the sensation.

For those like myself that run high inflammation, she has an infrared, lymphatic drainage, heated massage suit to chill out in after BodySculpting to reduce the short term puffiness.


Definitely sore after the first session. Muscles were clearly stimulated in the first session, almost to the point of being too sore to move certain positions in the days following.

I rested 2 days after and noticed ab definition and strength that I hadn’t enjoyed in months. I’ve been slacking a bit on my core work and I’d atrophied a bit. These results may not be typical but for those that used to be athletes, it was a nice quick bounce back.

Muscle definition was not as dramatic as the skin benefit. I suppose that’s where the detox element comes in but the upper thigh skin was noticabely smoother and tighter and the light cellulite largely gone.

I assume this is due to the blood flow to the area combined with increased water in my body and the removal of inflammatory, dehydrating booze, sugar, and coffee. While I put on light saddlebags during my curvier times, my cellulite is evasive showing up and disappearing for reasons I haven’t nailed down.

The all natural spray tan was fantastic.

Often “all natural” spray tans can fade fast or stain in a sorta purple way. Im day 5 in this one and have never had an evener tone on my hands and feet. A gem of a find for my northern European buns. Whether you’re looking for all natural makeup, 5 ingredient beetroot spray tan, a holistic facial, or detox remedies, I was very impressed with LisaEddy’s choices and direction. I’ll be back.


A deeper dive with the Osmosis Body Sculpt tech rep: