New York

My guy finally nailed Valentines Day... well, almost.

I always thought of myself as a "low maintenance," NON VDAY sort of girl.  Was I delusional? Sure. But I believed it and vehemently didn't subscribe to the Hallmark Holiday.

...until the year my boyfriend did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I mean not a card, not a "Happy Valentine's Day", NOTHING. I was upset and didn't even understand why. How can I tell him I didn't want to do anything and then be upset when he does nothing??!?  Insane!

And then it hit me. Even if I logically thought the whole thing was a marketing scam, I didn't like wondering if my guy loved me less as indicated by his complete lack of effort.

Yes Gentlemen, this is how wild the female brain can be for us ladies. It's not fun.



So this year, he surprised me with a trip to New York during fashion week to celebrate our hilariously fun friend Stuart's recent move.

Despite how hard I laughed at SNL's skit about crappy last minute CVS Vday gifts, I really enjoyed coming home to that little red heart balloon on a stick and red/pink/white M&Ms recycled from his office party on the day of.

Apparently I do care about this Hallmark holiday... embarrassing

Here's a hilarious article from one guy to another on why to never skip Valentines Day no matter what she says: