Full Fat

I think mayonaisse & I might be having an affair

I may have a problem. I  just left the warmth of my naked lovers cuddling body to go read on the couch with a bowl of crackers and chicken salad. And it's not my first offense. I've been devouring chicken salad like it's my last meal.

   ...      And I'm blaming the mayonnaise.    ...        

So why the craving for oil & eggs? Why is full fat mayonnaise like the friend I never had? (No I'm not pregos) After researching just how bad my new obsession was, I have good news to report: opting for full fat options with natural ingredients that are low in sugar are actually a good idea.    


1. Healthy Heart: Mayo is a good source of vitamin E  which =  stroke prevention. It also contains Omega-3 acid which are not only awesome for your heart but your mind, and overall health. Go Omegas Go!

2. Beauty: Oils are great for our skin & hair. Their presence also helps us absorb the fat-soluble vitamins like super hormone Vitamin D!

3. May help keep me skinny.  How!!?! Fats don't make us fat: sugar does. As long as we don't spike our blood sugar triggering our fat storing insulin, full fat is great. It makes us feel full faster helping us to eat less and stay satisfied longer. High fat & sugar is a dangerous combo though. Read: if I'm going for mayo, I'll have to skip the crackers or dessert.  (protein is fine)

4. Eggs are a super food!!! Mayo's egg content makes it even more justifiable. Although not the ideal way to get fantastically nourishing egg yolk (because it's best to not overcook the yolks or let them oxidize in the air for cholesterol reasons), eggs are so good for you, I'm grateful they make it on mayos ingredient list.

So for now, I'm ok with my obsession with mayonnaise. Even if I don't understand the recent cravings.