A poisoned culture that's not allowed to talk about the problem.

Fat shaming is a problem.

We have enough reasons to not feel good enough. Attacking our visual appearance -- especially as women, is just unacceptable. It's cruel, it squishes the light of meaningful and needed contributors to our world's beauty, and it makes the world a worse place.

It was especially unfair in the age of heroin chic runway models that made healthy regular women  of the medium and curvier body types feel fat when THEY WEREN'T. The denial of the 3 body types gets on my last nerve and was covered in the Sports Illustrated article months back.

But here we have a new problem.

As OBESITY hits record numbers as a central problem facing America, marketing has taken a clever twist to keep the conversation away from the actual problem. Rather than address why so many people are all of a sudden pre-diabetic, leptin resistant, or having fat cell recruitment to store extra toxins, we're making the unhealthy kind of fat cool.

In a radicalized body positive initiative, we're seeing extremely obese people, way outside the range of their body type, put on dangerously unhealthy weight.

And as a culture, we're not allowed to address or fix the problem - the poisoning of our people - because WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO PUT FAT IN THE CATEGORY OF BAD.

Here I'm torn.

It's so great that finally women have a voice and we're moving beyond just being a visual bonus in a male world. It's great curves are envogue and curvy celebrities are becoming iconic beauty sex symbols again. It's fabulous that being coat hanger thin to model a designer's vision is seen for being as absurd as it is. 

But the pendulum is swinging too far.

It's swinging toward the self deception extremes keeping people posting dismissive "funny" memes that make being a sloppy unhealthy mess the new goal.  #pizzaismybae are PC ways to keep us off the unhealthy perfectionism spectrum, but it's a slippery slope.

We're an 'efficient' / lazy species that doesn't need the cultural encouragement to preserve effort. Our lymph system needs help moving extra toxins out through movement, not less.

If it were just an aesthetic thing or style preference, I'd be mum. Round is beautiful. But a whole host of physical and mental problems come with blood sugar issues, toxins, extreme fat storage carriage, and hormone imbalance. Making it a style difference shields the problem. If cancer patients started posting #allcellsarebeautiful #mybodymyperogative #sickisthenewbeautiful, we'd see a problem. We want cancer patients to feel positive, sexy, and happy. But we also want them to get better. By ignoring what's getting people here, we are denying them help.


The amount of weight our people are carrying around without their consent is not ok. Keeping them constantly hungry, blocking the 'full' message from hormone leptin is not ok. Putting them on a blood sugar roller coaster of spiking insulin and rapid sugar storage in fat cells thanks to low fiber, high sugar foods - is not ok. The amount of toxins legal in our food, water, products, and soil that throw the body systems off and keep a layer of protective fat on - is not ok.

And rather than modify policy to stop pesticides from being engineered into our wheat seeds to save Monsanto a roundup patent $bill or stop toxins injected into our meat supply, we are watching our people get bigger and sicker, and the marketing machine making "big is beautiful" the only PC thing to say. 

If we don't address the problem, because we're not allowed to hurt anyone's feelings by calling it a problem, we are STOPPED FROM FINDING SOLUTIONS.

Fat shaming is never ok.

Shaming in general is never ok. Making oneself superior to another in an ego satiating bullying attempt is damaging to everyone involved. So let's stop being assholes. Let's stop making one super lean body type the only one acknowledged on one side of the spectrum and stop making unhealthy obese conditions  "normal" on the other. Both extremes are super damaging and a lie. 

Lying about the problem keeps us sicker & fatter.

It's not supposed to be this hard to eat healthy. We're not supposed to stay hungry. It's hard enough that white flour starchy carbs are the new comfort snack food available EVERYWHERE, but now they have high fructose corn syrup and pesticide poison in them too!? Awesome. So I'm literally killing myself & throwing off my feel good brain chemicals and hormones to soothe my PMS. 

It's not a few pounds I have to worry from the extra carbs, but organ failure, autoimmune disease, energy deficiencies, leaky gut, diabetes, possible amputation, and brain fog. Fucking great. Binge eating in Europe wouldn't have these psycho aftershocks - and we shouldn't either. 

The history of Monsanto legislation and legal sugar additions into our drinks would leave your skin crawling and your sensibilities horrified. When the internet learns they're a science experiment for the profit of a few, I hope the memes will change from #pizzaismybae #marriedtopizza ... to ... #pizzaisn'tworthit #USpizzaiskillingmysexdrive  #byeFe-Pizza.

 And having our pizza turned into poison is bullshit! Stop turning our comforts into poison Monsanto. And stop taking the payout US politicians.



The problem is so big and obesity and autoimmune diseases are so rampant, we're reduced to making it cool to be sick. The memes of being an overwhelmed, sloppy, checked out human are the ones that get the most likes. Honey Boo Boo & Snooky are US household names.

Pizza, being overweight, and not feeling together is the battle cry of the internet. We bond over our dis-empowerment because the system feels rigged and it's easy to hide with the rocky road.


And who can blame us? 

We're overwhelmed by the problem and feel powerless. And what's marketed to us as the ideal does not fit the reality of our to do list, our food supply, our work hours and cocktail laden happy hours, and what our body actually needs to thrive and release weight.

Running around the block was a real solution for our parents. Now 5 year olds are obese and we're still told that Fat is a Choice.

 we need to start looking at OTHER FACTORS:

1. Addressing the US food supply - the one the rest of the world refuses to buy because they know it's toxic crap that is created with profit & efficiency in mind. 

2. Looking at our stress levels, expectation of our people, and cultural "sleep when you're dead" messaging.  

-Being a mom of 2 that works full time, volunteers, and is supposed to look like a supermodel on no sleep is not realistic. Giving her poisonous sugary crap to cope is criminal. Having a global culture of comparison of photoshopped surgery enhanced images is a recipe for her unhappiness.

3. Moving away from capitalist driven GMO franken-foods and hitting up farmers markets.

-Genetically Modified foods are not always bad. Science can make food better when all factors are understood and the aim is to make food more nutritious, not just cheaper to produce.

4. Eating hormone free meats and wild (mercury free) fish. 

5. Eating Omega3s, Fiber, B / C / D vitamins ---and filtered water.

6. Less starchy carbs and sugars in our life and way more fibrous nutrient rich leafy greens. We need fuel for our cells so our thyroid and mitochondria let us enjoy our life in this body.

7. Healing our leaky gut so we can absorb the nutrients once we clean up our diet. 

8. Stopping legal marketing that pushes pharmaceuticals and sugary drug snacks to "cope" with expectations, ideals, and comparisons that we shouldn't have to deal with in the first place.    

Fun Fact: Pharmaceutical company Bayer just put a bid into buy food manufacturer Monsanto. Talk about being able create the problem and the cure- $$$!  Trusted science publication Scientific American just got bought by Monsanto. What a perfect circle of mis information and dis-ease.


"Poisoning people for profit" shouldn't be a modern day U.S. motto.

The everyday person shouldn't have to be told to just work out more as their thyroid is shutting down, their immune system is in autoimmune hyper drive, their fat cells are filled with toxins the body is trying to keep out of circulation, and their hormones are off. 

It's unfair to market stick thin women advertising cookies. And it's unfair to tell people that are sick and need help that their state is "beautiful just the way it is." Our desire to be PC is leaving their pain & suffering on our hands as we refuse to acknowledge the poison problem. We'd rather tell "yo momma is so fat..." jokes and make it "their" problem so we don't have to think about our own kids being poisoned and disadvantaged.

Let's stop fat shaming AND stop turning a blind eye to the weight gain that happens when we are poisoned with bad food and chemical toxins. 

Obesity is a big problem that steals the life from people saddled with it and costs the community a ton in health bills. The group that are profiting off of keeping us sick, tired, and fat are not the ones paying the medical bills. Let's stop the feel good marketing campaign and get to fixing the problem.

And weight gain isn't the only sign of these toxins at work. Certain body types lose energy, get joint pain, experience depression, and develop autoimmune diseases before they pack on pounds. Fat doesn't always = sick and it's not the only sign of it. But extreme weight gain / obesity is a sign something isn't right. 


Health, Happiness, & feeling Sexy in our positive relationships in the aim of this blog. I'm tired of our people being pawns for profit. We deserve to feel good and it shouldn't be this hard to keep our system working well. Any tips welcomed. Share life hacks like Thrive Market or farm fresh meat  delivery surfaces you love! We'll need a plan to keep the toxins out as we sprint through our busy lives.

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This article was inspired by research I was doing throughout 2016 on inflammation and stress. I found a ton of evidence these were directly tied to stubborn fat loss. After being horrified by what was actually keeping us fat, I cowrote a protocol Free the Fat, a stress reducing slimming system with pro athlete and coach Brandon Larcom. We priced it low at $17 including the 9 bonuses because we want it in your hands and those you love. We hope it serves you well.