Comfort Hacks for Busy Women

Life is busy and many of us go from work to play to workout. Keeping up with our social life and work schedule requires some serious ninja skills. 

How do we do it all without wreaking havoc on our poor body or annoyingly lugging around bags of costume changes?

Here are a few GetHSH must haves that every fierce female deserves in her arsenal of tricks. They make life easier while being chiropractor approved so we can enjoy our fabulous body a long time.


1. Cute & Comfy shoes 

Who's going to go for a walk during their lunch break or hoof it through their errand list if their shoes are all glow and no go? Knees & ankles hurt, arches fall in fatigue, shoulders pull from heavy purses and poor posture. Bleh. The on the go girl needs support!

Sometimes this is as simple as putting SUPER FEET orthotics in your favorite flats or scoping out supportive Aerosole / Dansko / Clarks who look surprisingly chic under pants or paired with black tights and a skirt. Foldable flats that fit in a clutch provide peace of mind should those stilettos start making our calves scream.


2. The RIGHT everyday BAG

A huge one arm bag is no bueno for our back. Chiropractor Isis M. Medina gave Oprah the list below to keep our back aligned and our headaches at bay. If your load is excessive, your head and neck jut forward, headaches, neck tension, and back pain all result.

*  Total weight- 10%  of  body weight.  (140 lb woman is restricted to 14 lb bag- which is the average weight before adding in laptops, shoes, or water bottles- yikes)
* Straps -  short & thick straps
*Body Placement- worn on the shoulder no longer than our navel or in the crook of our arm. Holding in hand is good but having a balancing second item in the other hand ideal.
* Structure- structure is better than hobo bag loose with a firm base and inner compartments to keep items stable. 
* Other bags- Fanny packs are good because they rest on the lower lumbar vertebrae intended to bear more weight than the neck and upper back. Backpacks are best to transport something heavy, like a laptop, but carry them low and keep your chest open and shoulders pulled back. 

I'm personally still searching for a purse with hidden backpack straps. Something like this Marc Jacobs but with thicker straps that unzip from  a pouch on the back. Why hasn't his been done?


3.Portable Massager

Massage Balls at your desk could mean the difference between locked up glutes and upset shoulders vs a relaxing reboot to get you ready for round two. Simply place the balls under your hamstrings, booty, or lower back for a count of 30 seconds while sitting. For shoulder, back, and neck muscles, lean up against a wall and roll across the muscle. I always travel with one in a purse. They make driving, flying, and sitting so much better while allowing me to keep on task.


4. Work > Play > Travel Wear

day to night leggings (emergency gymwear)

Paired with everything from boots to heels to  hightop sneakers to flats, leggings travel light and look great as the ultimate comfortable staple. Leggings are easy to sit, walk, stretch, or rock the dance floor in.  As long as your top covers your booty, they are work appropriate. 


black tights alternative

Wear them to work when conservative counts and throw them in your purse later to rock a little leg. Black tights open up your shoe choices, keep things conservative, and go easily into nightlife and chillier weather.


A stretchy pair of khaki's

I'm in love with my RoadRunner sports stretchy hiking pants whose cuffs make them look professional and stylish. Their stretchy material gives so much mobility! These need a pop color blouse to translate well to evening festivities. Mine go from work to workout too.


pops of Color & statement Jewelry

A gorgeous bright blouse can go from the boardroom to the bar no problem. Being flashy doesn't have to come in a little black dress or sky high heels you can't trek Manhattan in. The same dress that had a blazer over it is now fire engine red and dropping jaws. Even a fabulous pair of false eyelashes in your purse or a huge necklace can keep you glam but comfortable. 



Making comfy shoes and spine saving purses look chic is easy when you add color, accessories, and the confidence of knowing how good you feel while looking oh so fierce. Great posture does triple duty tightening and flattening your abs while making you look long, lean, confident and pain free. Winning!

Because GetHSH Girlies glamorously get more done and take care of our bodies so we can look hot at happy hour and still rock climb on Sunday. Work hard, play hard, rest enough.  #GetHSH #Stayfabulous! You deserve to feel and look good.