Spring Cleaning- 10 ways to Detox like a Boss

Water, Water, & more Water:

Flush, flush flush. Not only will staying hydrated keep you from grabbing stimulating toxic sugar, it is the #1 way to keep the toxins moving through your system.

Add lemon to balance PH (alkalize), liver detox, and blood purify. Vitamin C helps skin glow and immune system strengthen.

Sweat it out:

Whether through lymph moving exercise or in a sauna, release those toxins through sweat. The extra water will keep you hydrated as the toxins pass through your pores.


Release stored toxins by getting 2-4x/month deep tissue massage.

Follow this release with lots of water to help the body pass the newly released toxins.

Pressure Points feel good and detox the body.


This ancient practice of poking our meridian pressure points helps to release zones in the body blocked. One of the least used, most effective toxin releasers.


Let the body catchup by going easy for a meal or two with pureed veggies and even just lemon water.


What naps do for our memory and brain catchup, a full night of sleep does for our detox and reset buttons. The mind, metabolism, filters, and injuries all benefit from unplugging and healing. 

Green Smoothie as Meal Replacement:

Easy to digest, Fiber filled, Micronutrient rich pureed greens are a wonderful way to give the body a break and help it detox naturally.

Kale, spinach, lime, green apple, parsley,  & cayenne

Super Foods:

Omega 3s:

*Olive Oil
*Flax Seeds


Antioxidant rich, brightly colored fruits & veggies:  *Blueberries  *  Raspberries  *Lemons  *  Grapefruit
*Spinach  *  Kale  * Tomatoes
*Eggplant   * LemonGrass
*Sweet Potatoes  * Carrots
*Apples  *  Oranges
*Butternut Squash   *Broccoli  *Beets   *Asparagus  * Artichoke


Spices & Drinks:

*Green Tea  * Lemon   *Garlic  * Ginger  *Dandelion  *WheatGrass  *Seaweed  *Turmeric  


Cleanse the colon and keep things regularly passing through your system through ample fiber intake. Fiber plays an essential roll in blood sugar and hunger management- which keeps us away from binging on toxic but stimulating foods. 25-40 grams of fiber per day is optimal.

Fiber heroes include: Popcorn, Non GMO Corn, Beans, Lentils, Avocado, Non GMO Edamame, Artichoke, Oatmeal, Rasberries, Peas, Broccoli, Organic Apples & Pears.




GETHSH is a wellness blog dedicated to researching the variables in the formula to feeling good. All suggestions should be reviewed with your licensed practitioner and taken on your own free will.