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Feel Good, Get amped, Plug in, Get Inspired


People are awesome! You are awesome! Tap into your potential today and have a great day! You deserve to feel good!!

Best Movie Speeches 1: Any Given Sunday - Braveheart -  (first 7.5 min!)        The Great Dictator - Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Rocky Balboa - V For Vendetta 

If life is a game, aren't we all on the same team.  "Not cool Robert Frost"- but "I want to be on the road that leads to awesome" We were made to be awesome. Let's dance. I'm on your team, be on my team. This is your time, This is my time, this is our time. We were made to be awesome.

Dare to ask the universe for what you actually want. "You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love."

Power of Changing our Mindset. Most people never discover or develop our talent. The only thing that's going to make us happy, this year or next is to STEP UP and raise the standard, discover what you're capable of and feel the incredible power of pushing through whatever is holding you back- that's what this game is all about.

Perspective video about the richness of giving. Set up for a day of gratitude and a heart full of love.

Protect your dreams. Do not let anyone tell you you can't do something. (1 min)

Hardwork paying up. Showing up, paying off. (2 min)

Happiness = getting excited for Progress. It's all about progress. We follow through when we're in flow, when we have  a plan  (16 min)

Tony Robbins on Clarity and Purpose.  (8 min)

1.Know the result you're after (clarity is everything)         2.. Know WHY you're doing it (have enough reasons... )  3 What is the massive action plan to get there? How will you measure it?

 3 things we need each day: (start at min 1:55)

1. Something to look up to (God /Gratitude)  2. Something to look forward to (family)   3. A Hero to chase: (You in 10 years)-

Favorite writer David Foster Wallace's Commencement Speech 'This Is Water': Inspiration to live a Compassionate Life, step out of our default setting of self centeredness, and the daily choice of picking a better perspective than anger, judgment, and disconnection.  Everyone worships- it's about what we choose to worship.

Positive Mental Attitude = most important principle of the science of success,  

LAUGH, THINK, BE MOVED TO TEARS - every day- that's a hell of a day. 


Great Morning Reminder:  Tell people they are awesome and mean it.   "I've got bbq sauce on my shirt too"


Honorable mentions:

Starting our day with self esteem: Choosing thoughts that let us enjoy our life experience.

 "If you could meet yourself, you might actually like yourself" -Founder of Girls for Change,  Niko

Self esteem is just based on the thoughts of ourselves."

You are gutsy, resilent, talented, calm, hard working, and amazing.i


1. Spend time with people that make you feel good

2. Press delete on the negative thoughts

3. Tell others what you like about them

4. Receive compliments, feel it, say thank you

Don't Die with your Greatness Still in You. 

What is your life work? Start working on it, even just a little bit. Find out why you're here so you can be in your power place. 

40 inspirational movie moments in 2 min