Why U.S. WHEAT is KILLING us (& other unfortunate facts about starchy carbs)

Here's a Video on how starchy carbs can be eaten safely assuming they aren't grown in the U.S. & you don't have a Gluten (wheat) sensitivity:

Oh Man, I am not thrilled to find out my choice to stay ignorant as to how bad Monsanto GMO seeds and poisonous ROUNDUP herbicides really were on the health of my body.   * I'm upset *   But all I can do now is alter the direction of my eating moving forward and skip out on ALL U.S. WHEAT Products & the bars that use U.S. grown wheat.  

Watch a TIME video of a GMO advocate refusing to drink the stuff.


The Summary:

1. Starchy Carbs spike blood sugar too fast and too high which releases INSULIN to come save the day and get it out of the blood stream.

This may save us from a Diabetic Coma... but in order to get the dangerously high sugar out of the blood, insulin quickly shoves the sugar into fat cells. **Not so great if you're trying to Lose  weight.   SOLUTION: eat less sugar / starchy carbs at one time and mix in FIBER which lowers the spiking. Butter supposedly also does this but FIBER is even better.


2. Most people DON'T NEED many Starchy Carbs ANYWAY & some blood types (like O Positive) do down right terrible with them. Sweet Potatoes are pretty much the only good one-I think.


3. Gluten looks similar to the Thyroid Hormone & is an irritant to many people. If your body reacts to Gluten (wheat protein) as an inflammatory, your immune system comes in to remove the perceived toxin. Because the wheat protein looks so much like the thyroid hormone, this can cause all sorts of REALLY BIG problems if the immune system starts attacking the vital Thyroid Hormone. (Hashimoto Disease).  

Thyroid Hormone handles cellular energy and is an indicator of safe, toxic free environments where calorie burning and energy are possible. If the thyroid rings the danger alarm, you go into hybernation mode getting fatigued and holding onto fat. No thank you.

Even if you don't have a problem with Gluten, it might be problematic that we recently have so much more Gluten in our food supply thanks to GMO seeds, early harvest farming practices, and the use of Gluten as a filler in so many other non-wheat products. 


4. Gluten aside, how Wheat is produced in the U.S. is so horrifying, many other countries (all of Europe) literally ban US food. Everyone else seems to find a problem with allowing .05% of the population to make lots of money poisoning the other 99.05%. Monsanto, a huge U.S. based food company that produces all of those scary GMO seeds with built in poison/pest resistance as well as the poison ROUNDUP, has gotten so embedded in our food production, it's products are used in almost all farming. Recent Legislation (thanks Obama) even removes any future liability should most of us pop up sick in 5, 10, 15 years - even if it can be proven it was the exposure to ROUNDUP / Glyphosate.

U.S. Wheat farmers routinely spray ROUNDUP on the wheat fields days before the harvest because the poison forces immature wheat seeds to pop open, yielding a bigger crop on a product that tends to mature unevenly. That's great the wheat farmers can make more money, but now THEir WHOLE CROP IS POISON harming our immune system & gut bacteria balance leading to a whole host of HORRIFYING DISEASES.

A safer alternative is Einkorn Wheat

Doctors to follow:

Dr. Mark Hyman * Dr. Stephanie Daniel * Dr. Andrew Weil * Dr. Sara Gottfried

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