8 things I learned on vacation in Mexico

This is my worried face. I can hear them...

This is my worried face. I can hear them...

1. I am the all you can eat buffet mosquitos have been waiting their whole lives for.

Trinidad, Alaska, Mexico... getting 30 per leg is the average welt count I come home with. I can't shake the little buggers. 

2. Even in paradise, I can find a way to NOT relax.

Who stresses out they can't do everything in 2 days???

Lie down on the sand Sara & do not move unless otherwise instructed - You're on activity time out.

3. The sound of waves while getting a 70 min $20 massage is the best gift you can give me.

Ayurvedic medicine says it's my Vata body type, but mama likes to be rubbed. I respond very well to healing touch. For $20, I can do one a day every day. Personal wellness plan done.

4. I can eat ceviche & guacamole for 3 meals- seriously.

It's my perfect food. I'm sure I should squeeze spinach in there but right now, lime and fishies are blinding me with their refreshing deliciousness.


5.Sally Hansen paint on tan is pure magic

For us tan challenged northern european folk, this water resistant oompa loompa orange body paint is the best immediate browner a bikini-laden babe can hope for.

6. I do not belong on a boat. 

BOATS & I HAVE BROKEN UP. It started 4 years ago trapped on a 3 day boat excursion in the Galapagos where I wanted to die and pulled out the worst combo of bad spanish and ridiculous charades to explain motion sickness. Ever since then boats and I have been warring. This scuba diving trip in Cozumel proved no better. If you need me, I'll be on the sand.

Tulum Sunset in my new favorite hat

Tulum Sunset in my new favorite hat

7. I refuse to take off this expedition straw hat- I feel free, present, & super sexy. 

Roaming the mission today, I felt so at ease in my silly straw hat. Yesterday it made it out hiking Tennessee Valley with my fave SF babes. It's here to stay. I'm fiercely happy in it. 

8. Sunrises shouldn't be saved for vacation

Once a month, the alarm will be set so my cranky buns can peel out of bed to enjoy the serene silence of the sky waking up.

7am in Playa del Carmen, the sun peaks it's head above the horizon to share magical, beautiful peaceful pastel stillness. The views in SF are just as stunning and we deserve to enjoy the magic of the early morning more regularly.