2 mood boosting drinks I can't live without

It turns out our mood can be hampered by everything from nutrition deficiency, hormone imbalance, negative social feedback, lack of sleep, and negative internal talk.

Whatever the cause, feeling bad blows. Fortunately, there are three drinks on the market that give us the nutritional support to repair our foundation and assess if the problem is bigger than an imbalanced brain, I'm obsessed with all of them for different reasons.

 #1: Accord- a mood food              $6 /drinkable shot 

Found in a little blue and yellow bottle in your local health food store, this caffeine free, B vitamin blast delivers calming Magnesium, immune supporting Vitamin C & zinc, the Serotonin building Amino Acid 5HTP, antioxidant Acetyl L Carnitine that helps memory, fights depression, and acts as a protector, and Bacopin (whose benefit I had to look up). Bacopin apparently helps alleviate anxiety while improving memory and mental sharpness staving off brain fatigue.

While the amino acid dosage is small in this kinda gross super shot of feel good, the complete B vitamin profile is exciting.

B vitamins are not only the body's disposable stress shield but also the necessary helper in the conversion of proteins to happy brain chemicals. The more stress we're under, whether from alcohol, work stress, relationship heartache,  or air pollution, B vitamins get used up in the process potentially leaving not enough to build the brain chemicals leaving us feeling low.  


#2 Arbonne- energy Fizz Sticks     $1.75/drink bought in packs of 20 sticks/$35 box

These travel friendly, sticks of pomegranate flavored goodness deliver my morning B vitamins and ensure I start my day with a tall glass of water.  

The hint of chromium, 50mg caffeine, guarana, and taurine adds the energy element. In addition, they offer panax ginseng for sharper thinking, memory, concentration, work efficiency, physical stamina, and athletic endurance as well as immune support and mood lifter. Multitalented essential mineral Potassium makes a cameo.

Citrus flavor is available, but I much prefer the pomegranate. I'm now 3 months off coffee which has benefits for many people but leaves me feeling dehydrated and acidic.  My mood and energy are up, sugar grabs down, with better food choices though out the day. 


runner up- Neuro Bliss

To be honest, this was my favorite mid day pick me up until they changed their flavors. Marketing superstar, Kate Morgan was involved with them and tipped me off to their genius. They work well and seem to have brought back an order online option. The original neuro bliss is currently out of stock, which is a bummer because the L-Theanine inside is blissful.

Unfortunately there's a decent amount of sugar in it and it's carbonated which leaves some people bloated. But, their concept of mixing amino acids and vitamins for a whole line of feel motivated, feel sleepy, feel blissful drinks is nothing short of genius and 100% effective.

$4.10/drink or $5.80/drink if ordering original flavors online with shipping. And they have a super cute branded car with even cuter girls that pass them out throughout town. Rumor has it the business might be struggling so try one of the flavors while you can.  www.drinkneuro.com

How I use these:

Fizz Sticks are a 2-3/day, always in my purse affair while the Accord happy mood shot is a power punch for when I want to add memory and reduce fatigue at $6 pop. Neuro gets purchased whenever I see the original flavors in a random convenience store and I open it to let out the carbonation before enjoying it's happy benefits.

Any other ninja drinks you've discovered in the happy drink department is VERY APPRECIATED. Share the love and leave your tips below.

You Deserve to Feel Good