Let's Hear it for the Bs, Let's give the Bs a chance.

Just as exciting as super hormone Vitamin D, the B vitamins are a vital, fingers in everything, behind the scenes set that are helping with our mood to our heart to our skin to our metabolism. WHAAAA!!?

Bs are the first line of defense against stress, being used up when we're up to our eyeballs in tasks.

Bs are the essential cofactor (helper) in really important conversions - like making happy juice serotonin in our brain, and which staves off cancer.  

From appetite regulation, metabolism, nerve, & enzyme function, cardiovascular health, energy production, and skin beauty, the Bs have their fingers in everything!


Types of Bs & Food Sources:


B9- (folic acid) fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, breakfast cereals, and fortified grains and grain products

FOLATE = FOLIAGE B9: 400 micrograms /day

Full spotlight on the miraculous B9 at the bottom
















B6- Good sources of vitamin B6  - B6 helps make red blood cells; helps our body use the fat and protein we eat for energy; breaks down protein;  healthy brain function  SOURCES: poultry, seafood, bananas, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, potatoes and fortified cereals. watermelon, papayas, cantalope, oranges     Take 2 milligrams /day


Other Bs:

Thiamin: regulate appetite, support metabolism - pork, ham, dark green leafy vegetables, fortified whole-grain cereals, wheat germ, enriched rice, green pea, lentils, nuts like almonds and pecans. 11- 12 milligrams / day

Niacin: nerve function, cardiovascular health, energy production - Chicken, turkey, salmon and other fish including canned tuna packed in water 

Riboflavan: good skin -Asparagus, yogurt, cheese, spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs and fortified cereals 

Biotin (healthy metabolism) and Pantothenic Acid (enzyme function):     Biotin= Liver and egg yolks followed by Salmon, pork and avocado - (abundant in food supply) Pantothenic Acid = yogurt and avocado as well as  legumes ( lentils and split peas), sweet potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli. 5 mg / day

Spotlight on B9:

B9- FOLATE-    the essential cofactor that helps converts our amino acids/ proteins into happy juice serotonin and sleepy time melotonin is also important for pregnant women building a baby to take in the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

B9 plays a key role in building DNA, our genetic blueprint. It also been linked to reducing stroke and lowers the risk of colon and breast cancer.  

B9  reduces the risk of heart disease helping to convert a protein breakdown byproduct (homocycteine)that if left unconverted stays in the bloodstream and clogs the arteries.  B9 also promotes red blood cell health

TRICKY FACT: although taking enough B9 is great, many people have a tough time converting B9/Folate into useable Methylfolate due to a genetic flaw on the MTFHR gene. You can request a test to see if you're one of the 60% that struggles to perform this critical task and taking methylfolate directly is right for you. This isn't something we should just guess and take though.

TRICKY FACT 2: Folic Acid is necessary for the babies development in the first few weeks, before many women know they are pregnant so supplement with folate / B9 before conception.

TRICKY FACT 3: Alcohol interferes with the proper metabolism of folate and inactivates circulating folate.


Let's hear it for the Bs!!!

You Deserve to Feel & Look Good!!!