ASICS offers generous bag of Kerri Walsh's favorite gear in the "GetYourVolleyOn" Sweepstakes.

When ASICS emailed to say they were sending over the Kerri Walsh "Get Your Volley on" Sweepstakes prize bag to test out the gear and give feedback to the GetHSH community, I was thrilled.

A week later a gym bag filled with a long sleeve shirt, high performance tights, a reversible bikini, towel, visor, water bottle, and shoes showed up.


Whoever is designing this seasons ASICS apparel is nailing it. The shirt is flattering, sweat resistant, and a gorgeous cut for yoga but in the style of casual cool baseball T. It couldn't hang better if it tried. It just looks good and has arms long enough for us taller ladies.

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The PANTS are thicker and warmer than your typical Lululemon's and come with a handy ankle grip to keep them down and sand out. Built for performance.

They are tight and flattering with an insulation that makes them ideal for outdoor workouts and even first layer snowboarding pants.

The BIKINI rides the line between performance and sex appeal. It has the low slung, tight bottoms one needs to compete in the sand that also happens to avoid the unflattering diaper-butt of too much fabric. They are thick enough to stay in place but small enough to be sexy. 

photo 1 copy.JPG

The top comes with built in light padding giving a smooth, well shaped look. The criss cross back allows for all the support the girls need. AND THEY ARE REVERSIBLE! Both the green and yellow are great.

I couldn't help but also buy it in the grey / pink at this weekend's Long Beach stop on the ASICS World Series of Volleyball circuit.

I also seriously considered the saucy red / black that the cheer squad were rocking.

The BAG is the part I will use most. It's well made, well designed with pockets for sweaty clothes, a deep main section that volleyballs, shoes, rollers, & yoga mats fits in, and a sturdy zipper. New favorite bag for the sheer size of it. Great, comfortable strap too. 

photo 2.JPG

The towel is thick  but the water bottle leaks when you squirt it in your mouth.

The VISOR is your classic navy visor that we see Kerri playing in. The TOWEL is thick, grey/ black, and branded. Be careful with the WATER BOTTLE, mine leaked all over my face when I attempted to drink from it. I'm not ruling out user error though :)

And last but not least, the SHOES!!!! Here they are strutting their stuff on the sand in Long Beach at the ASICS World Series of Volleyball tournament just before USA took down Brazil to win the Gold. The style and coloring absolutely superb. They are too lightweight to do major cardio in but a great everyday stylish shoe. 

 Kerri Walsh rocking the ASICS long sleeve in pink. This weekend's WIN at the  Long Beach tournament gets them points on the road to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where Kerri will be competing for her 4th Gold medal, this time with new partner, the very accomplished April Ross.

My highlight of the ASICS World Series of Volleyball's Long Beach Tournament was the Kerri Cannon.

To emulate the experience of digging one of Kerri's famous hits, ASICS supplied fans in Long Beach with a 60mph volleyball shot out of the Kerri Cannon.

The ASICS bikini held up as fans online controlled the Kerri Cannon from afar hammering my attempts to dig their wrath.

Hilarious Video


While ASICS did supply the bag of fun gear, I am not a paid supporter of ASICS. As a wellness blogger running GetHealthySexyHappy, I love sexy fitness gear that makes keeping us healthier, sexier, and happier EASIER!

I also happen to be an ex volleyball player from Southern California & long time fan of classy, mother of 3, Olympian Kerri Walsh. Great gear, fitness icon, and wonderful event. Thank you ASICS for providing the sweepstakes.