When the party's over- Rebooting for Monday.

Yeeeeeeaaaaaah weekends are fun. And some of have made it an art form to have a summer's worth of fun in a 2 day span. Sure the pictures and stories are great but no one escapes that slight anxious whir that starts on Sunday evening and gets to full boil Monday Morning.

So how do we get back on track after a weekend of late nights and fun cocktail filled days when our head starts to slip into the worry, negativity, and unfocused overwhelm now that the party is over but the fatigue and altered brain chemistry is here?

1. LOTS of water the night before

So you went big all weekend. Don't add to the assault by forgetting to flush. Sure the fireball shots are already in the system but dehydration will wreak havoc on our filters and our mood. Pump some vitamin B and lots of water the afternoon & night before your Monday morning. Water fixes almost everything from skin issues to trapped toxins to fuzzy heads. Put the booze down by Sunday late afternoon and start hydrating.

2. Have a Monday Morning workout commitment.

Yes it's the last thing you'll want to do, but knowing you're going to show up for yourself and physiologically set yourself up for happiness will put your mind at ease when you're choosing a Sunday Funday. It'll also quiet that part of your mind that come Monday swears your lack of weekend discipline is a sign of much bigger issues.


2. Have a plan. 

Sometime friday afternoon, before the weekend commences, know what the plan is for Monday. Don't wait to Sunday evening when the brain is foggy and trying to justify why one more episode of Modern Family is the best way to spend your last weekend hours to attempt structure your upcoming week. If we fail to plan we really are planning to fail. Even though I know this, my tendency to sabotage and forget to lay out a structure leaves me frustrated come Monday.


3. Come Monday, Don't hit snooze & start with lemon water. 

The justifications for snooze are never louder that Monday morning but it'll psychologically set us up to feel behind- even when we're not. Get up, stretch a bit, breath deeply, and drink some lemon. Begin to flush the system, wake up the organs, and hydrate the brain. Coffee and amino acids are likely to follow along with breakfast but start with water first thing, especially after less than healthy weekends.



4. Know your amino acids & stick to protein for breakfast.

There are a couple of amino acids that give a happy pop to the brain. DL-Phenylalanine (also listed as DLPA) is a precursor to many feel good brain chemicals and apparently the secret feel good ingredient in Diet Coke. It's a great go-to on morning where you are dragging.

L-Tyrosine is another motivating way to start the day. As the building block for Dopamine, it can help get us motivated on post-party mornings. Be mindful if you tend to run anxious and start smaller with your ooses around the 500mg mark initially. L-Glutamine is the fuel source for brain cells and helps with a sense of groundedness and blood sugar stability.

For breakfast, stick to Vitamin B rich, protein-packed super foods like organic free range eggs and soothing micronutrient filled spinach smoothies to get your brain pointed in the right nutritional direction.

Avoid sugary starches no matter how tired you are or how tempting the muffin.

A little caffeine is fine but triple the water if you really want to feel energized and great. Opt for the calming high of Green Tea's caffeine & L-Theanine combination that helps with mental performance and focus, provide antioxidants, and perks you up. Other reasons to enjoy green tea





GETHSH is a wellness blog dedicated to researching the variables in the formula to feeling good. All suggestions should be reviewed with your licensed practitioner and taken on your own free will.