3 ways to lower disease causing chronic Inflammation

What does weight gain, fatigue, disease, early aging, stress, low mood, and a propensity for anger have in common? INFLAMMATION!!

Though helpful in specific injury related incidences to protect, constant low level inflammation is quite harmful for our system. A body that has grown used to being chronically on high alert & inflamed, is a body that's going to get sick, feel yucky, hold onto weight, get injured, break out in rashes, feel tired... you get the idea. 

Here's a great article on popexpert from Ph.D. Nutritionist Lori Shemek on 3 ways to reduce our inflammation.  Spoiler alert:  1.Drop the Sugar   2.Hydrate     3.Exercise 

My body has been giving me signs for years it's time to drop my dependency on sugar and focus on my water and sleep commitments. If you'd like to try my spin class and squeeze more fun exercise into your life, ping me!


Here's another helpful article on food that cause inflammation on genesmart.com: