There's something healing & good coming to San francisco...

SAFE HOUSE, a wellness space in the old cafe gratitude central kitchen building off 14th and Van Ness, has been quietly gathering an army of wellness professionals to heal and help. 

Last night I attended a dinner with two of the practitioners and am glowing with excitement for the possibilities.

Adina Niemerow, holisitic chef, Professor of nutrition, and author of Super Cleanse cooked a beautiful, deliciously nutritional meal for the guests of Dr. Stephanie Daniel, integrative medicine and hormone specialist.

These guests were an esteemed group of Dr's in town for the functional medicine conference happening this weekend in SF. A group dedicated to treating more that the symptoms of an ailment and rather deal with the root cause.

Feeling anxious? While Xanax is effective, wouldn't it be nice to fix the low serotonin or improper breathing that is causing it? Functional / Integrative Medicine approaches healing in this order and SafeHouse is delivering it to SF's door.

Word is, GetHealthySexyHappy may even get to bring yoga into the space as part of their movement therapy offerings!  Extremely excited about the direction medicine is taking and the thought leaders & healers bringing us these tools.


Have a health practicioner you're obsessed with or a wellness tip that could benefit the community? Share in the comments & have a fab day!