Gluten free bread that's actually yummy

Yay!! SourDough, already containing the least gluten among breads, is now being made deliciously with GLUTEN FREE flour giving us all the pleasure of the bread experience without the foggy headed, tummy upsetting, mood and energy souring gluten.

Not to jump on the whole Gluten free wagon... but...  there's a mounting case behind why the wheat protein may be a key reason behind why we don't feel great. Many  assume it's only those with celiac disease who benefit from a gluten free diet, but wheat allergies are increasing in our country for reasons we only sorta understand along with gluten tied thyroid issues..

Check out the video below with Dr. Steph on thyroid dysfunction and gluten's role. 

If you bake, here's a fabulous gluten free sourdough bread recipe. If you're more into having someone deliver delicious Gluten free bread to your bay area/ SF door, check out this rad SF baker Sadie's gluten free bread biz Breadsrsly. 

Gluten facts as I understand them:    

1.Gluten is an inflammatory agent for the body (bad)    

2.This inflammation can cause problems in the tummy that hinders nutrient absorption stopping you from getting the benefits of your food.

                   Video addresses gluten minute 3:45 & 7:55.

3. Gluten's inflammatory  properties (like sugar and other toxins) sparks an immune response to get rid of the inflaming agent spiking the stress response. This results in a  foggy headed, tired, and cranky state as our body slows down to prepare for internal battle.  

Gluten Free Bread from Breadsley-- delivered to SF residents via 

Gluten Free Bread from Breadsley-- delivered to SF residents via 

 4. The Gluten/ (fancy word for wheat protein) looks too chemically similar to our vital Thyroid Hormone that gives cells their energy.  The immune system gets confused when trying to fight off the inflammatory wheat and also goes after our thyroid (Hashimoto's disease). The body is literally attacking itself unknowingly and shutting down something as important as our thyroid.

This is a bummer because whole grain has some really great fiber and Vitamin B benefits. One of the theories is that in our country's zest to mass produce wheat quicker, we essentially pick the wheat grain too soon leaving undigested gluten in the finished product. That would explain why breads in Europe are denser and do not effect Gluten sensitive as severely. Just a theory though.

If you're having energy or mood imbalances, try cutting out the wheat and checking for gluten on ingredient lists as gluten is used often as a filler. Have it clear of your system for at least 3 weeks and see if you don;t feel REMARKABLE & UNMISTAKABLY WAY BETTER.


*Disclaimer: 1 I am not a Dr.    2. my information comes from a a Doctor     3. Always consult your own physician in matters of health     4 Listen to your body. If you reduce certain things and you feel better, great!