Beginners Guide to Yoga MUDRAS

MUDRAS =  hand positions.  Let this yoga tool work for you:

The "yoga Mudras" are used for healing purposes.

Placing your hands in certain positions  brings specific focus and energy to the moment anytime and anywhere.

The hand is considered a source of energy (..prana..) with each finger representing one of the five natural elements. 

An imbalance in any of the elements causes diseases and is believed to be helped by the use of mudras.   

Here's how to do it quickly, easily, and anywhere:

GYANA MUDRA: Placing your thumb and index together with all other fingers stretched long = seeking WISDOM. It's used to develop concentration, memory, and spirituality. 


Other popular Mudras:

Dhyana Mudra (Samadhi Mudra):

Creating a triangle with your thumbs & resting fingers.

Represents meditation, unity, and deep concentration. Also represents a cleansing of impurities and a connection to deep peace & serenity. 


Abhaya Mudra: fearlessness.     

Open palm of right hand extending outward from the chest or higher. Feel the energy of protection, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security. offers a wonderful tutorial to other popular & powerful hand positions.

Books on Mudras:

1. Healing Mudras by Sabrina Mesko: 

2. Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschl:










Just as Asanas are poses and positions of the body, Mantras are phrases repeated for the mind