5 tips to help PMS & how men can understand it.


Hormones are a bitch.

Arguably the most powerful motivators in our bodies, they leave women in the dumps once a month- more often if diet triggers the wrong ones to be released.

PMS is an interesting animal.

Fellas, the best way to describe it to you is.... Imagine that someone injects you with methamphetamines, turns up the heater, spins you around in circles until you're unable to think straight and then tells you to relax, focus, and stop getting so riled up. PMS is a yucky combination of anger, impatience, anxiety, and low-energy sadness. 

Even when we're aware that this isn't our best self and that it's not actually reality, the severe physical discomfort of it all makes us want to rebel and momentarily give up on life. I DON"T WANNA!!!!! gets internally screamed as the to-do list laughs without care warning us to not dare sleep in or grab chocolate. Just keep showing up despite feeling like crap.

"No soothing  for you little lady, there's work to be done and this whole angry at the world thing can be done on your own time."

Trying to get anything done when you're kicking your own bum up and down your mental alley ways can be um... distracting & unproductive. Which gives you more reason to feel shameful, irritated, and bad at yourself. Which starts the cycle over.     Awesome- that sucks.

The problem with PMS & hormone imbalance in general is that it's hard to discern what is real. Is life really bad & everything needs to change? Does part of it need to change? Does my perspective just need to change? If it's not real, how do I turn these horrible lying messengers off and enjoy living in my own skin or at least not burn every bridge I've built?


So here's my current recipe for PMS:

1. Don't let a foul mood grow by being mean to your support system.      

Communicate with friends & lovers, "I'm feeling off & may need to be treated a little more gently today. i don't want my spiciness to be taken as directed at you. I appreciate you & regret I can't connect to love. That said, consider yourself warned. I will try to shut up moving forward today because I suspect, everything will annoy me and I'll try to sabotage & pick fights. You rock, but I will still make it your fault."

2. Eat the chocolate, drink the latte.      

Today is not the day to have one more thing to do or one more way to fail. Be as nice to yourself as possible. Yes, Green Foods & avoidance of sugar will actually make us feel better, sometimes psychologically it's just all too much.  I prefer to give myself permission to be imperfect & think thoughts like: Got out of bed today, AWESOME!!! Made it to Starbuck to order a coffee bigger than my head, FANTASTIC! Shoulder deep in a Sees Candy box, OK!  The trick is to get back on the horse before the shame kicks in. Maximize pleasure by having just enough to enjoy without moving into the realm of sabotaging punishment. It won't be the answer so practice moderation & use it as a tool. TODAY IS A HALL PASS, COPING MECHANISM sort of day. ANY SMALL WIN gets celebrated- seriously. ~ Brushed your teeth and didn't cry or yell at the facet- you are a rockstar! Bit your tongue when you wanted to say something terrible? GOLDSTAR!

3. Supplement.    

Chasteberry is supposed to work wonders and Goji Berry is known as the happy berry. Omega 3s are strongly linked to mood. Micronutrients found in green veggies will have a helpful calming effect on the body if you can muster the strength to eat well. Boosting our Serotonin is also a good call. taking the Amino Acids L-Tryptophan in the afternoon and 5htp in the early evening will help us with feel good, soothing Serotonin production which then helps produce sleep well Melatonin. Hydration also helps even though you're feeling bloated.

4. Breathe & Be  (um yeah right... )

This one only works when you somehow muster superhuman strength and choose acceptance. Kudos to you if you can rock this: Breathing in through your nose for a count of 4 and out loudly for a count of 3, think to yourself, "I accept this shitty feeling. I don't deserve it but I accept that it is happening. It will pass sooner if I embrace it fully and work with what is. i will try to muster my kindness and my silent resilience today being the best version of myself I can be. I will be gentle with myself and nurse this broken mood until it's healed. I' choose relief and a shift to gratitude". 

4. Look to the Experts:    

Dr's like Sara Gottfried have written books detailing this hormonal phenomena helping us stay away from feeling fat, frumpy, frazzled, and frustrated. Brilliant pieces that will make you feel less crazy & with community. Her protoge Dr. Stephanie Daniel can be found in San Francisco helping women understand this gnarly process, test your levels, and suggest appropriate supplements.  

5. Cheaters tip : CARDIO!

Nothing gives PMS the bird faster than 25 minutes on ANY cardio machine or class. If you can stop and do even 5 minutes of intense pushups, jumping, dancing, or sit ups, your mind will shift away from the current rumination (cue me doing this right now on my hard wood floors in my business suit- FML)

I would love to hear from you! If you have helpful PMS tips or want to make me feel less alone on this crazy train, leave them below & SHARE/tweet/post this article..” Really appreciate your time, energy, and attention to the wellness journey.
— Love & Light, ~Sara




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