Resolutions I'm actually excited for

I've passed the 30 mark and I'm over setting a list of intentions to make myself better, faster, stronger... blah blah blah.

I'm pretty kick ass as it is and I can make minor tweaks to be even more fabulous without signing up for things that either aren't me or aren't realistically going to get done. Give up sugar? Probably not. Workout every morning? Not likely.

So here's what came up when I asked myself what I actually wanted more of in 2015.

1. HEALTHY DESSERT OPTIONS.  Gluten Free, Stevia or Date Sweetened Deliciousness. I want the freezer stocked with things that won't spike my blood sugar or make me feel like a junky. Less toxic is awesome too. If I don't pre-prep these things, I'll be reaching for the rocky road. 

2. DANCE CLASSES Salsa & Hip Hop please.

3. NAPS 1 per week with 20 min power naps & 10 min meditations in a pinch. 

4. MORNING ROLL OUT stretch session to ease into my day and wake up my body with love.

5. CREATING. Giddy about organizing wellness info & sharing the love in pretty packages for collective benefit. Enjoying tapping into creative Flow moments.

6. GREEN TEA OVER COFFEE. I just feel way better & love the L-Theanine antioxidant combo

7. KINDNESS. Kind internal talk & Compassionate outward action.

Here's to picking goals that make me feel excited about my upcoming spin around the sun, not dreading the first sign of failure to be acceptable. Keep being great & add in fun healthy stuff you like.

A peek at the last 4 years:





2014 (morning after Lake Tahoe plunge after our 70s fro-fabulousness)

2014 (morning after Lake Tahoe plunge after our 70s fro-fabulousness)

Pretty sure I've accomplished the same % of my resolutions year after year so it's time to start being honest & start selecting better.