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SWEAT & STRATEGY Sessions with Sara consist of all the lengthening, strengthening, cleansing, calming, slimming, and aligning benefits of a great Hatha/Vinyasa yoga session taught by your personal relationship consultant. A customized healing formula to keep you looking, feeling, and showing up your happiest, sexiest, most effective self. 




I'm a woman in motion learning how to feel great.  Early poor eating, mood imbalances, & a chaotic childhood led me to a life of nutrition & happiness research, fitness instruction, & relationship coaching that I hope will serve your highest, best, & most vibrant self. 

~Sara Plummer



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Let me get you there faster

An evolutionary biology approach to keeping couple's happy. We have to get to a version  of our best self before we attract & keep our best partner.

Life, Love, & showing up are tricky. Sometimes we need someone to bounce it off of for help, insights, relatable stories, hope, faith, and next steps. 

I went through the muck hoping you won't have to. Let's win!

                   3 MAJOR ways men and women are DIFFERENT.


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